Branding Revamp

What are we doing?

We are undergoing a small revamp, part of which is to bring our brand up to date and eventually rejig the website.

TC has kindly volunteered you to help us decide the way forward. You are under no obligation to help but we would greatly appreciate your feedback on the following new logo ideas.

We would like our new logo to represent what we do (create innovative electronic and software systems, from low power devices to large scale industrial equipment)

Below is a very short outline of what we do, followed by a short questionnaire which we would like you to complete for us.

Who are we?

We are a tribe of innovative electronics and software engineers.

We are a tribe of engineers that solve challenges in the market not just from applications on devices and PC, but all the way down to electronics in devices

What we do

We create integrated product designs for electronics and software systems:
  • That are affordable
  • Unshackled by proprietary standards
  • Unleash data collected so you can wrap your own IP around it

What we stand for

We gravitate around a pillar of democratizing technology and the data that comes from it

The questionnaire