Telematics & IoT

We are Telematics and IoT specialists.

We partner with, and help global businesses to realise and support business critical systems

using our innovative hardware and software solutions

Self Aware Devices

Most IoT devices are simple data collectors to funnel sensor information to a back end system. We can bring 'AI to the edge' technology allowing the device to make decisions locally and react, in real time, lowering transmission costs by uptown 90%.

Nano Energy Smart Sensors

Our remote devices combine our advanced power management ip with energy harvesting technologies to ensure that they can provide many years of contact free service.

Diverse Communciation

We utilise cutting edge and emerging communication methods to ensure that your device can communicate when needed, reliably and cost effectively. We can adapt our system to use a number of radio technologies such as LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT, LTE and many more depending on the need.

Secure Data Storage

We utilise a number of cloud technologies to safely store data from devices. Encrypting the data end-to-end to ensure your data is safe from prying eyes.

Hetrogenious Data Sources

We can combine multiple data sources at the edge such as IMU, GNSS, Gas, Pressure, Temperature, Imaging, Audio and many others. Make a decision in real time, locally or offloading to the cloud for more intense analysis.


Location and Tracking
Pay as your drive insurance
Building Management
Industrial IoT
Machine Learning
Remote and isolated data monitoring