Although our core market and domain knowledge is across Automotive, Power System Automation, Telematics, Industrial and Telecommunications market segments, we find that there is currently a lot of convergence and that skills applicable to one segment are equally applicable to others.


Telecommunications is becoming especially important to many embedded systems with M2M and mesh communications networks appearing in traditionally isolated devices. We also see a move from older serial based communication protocols to Ethernet. Providing a cheaper and more reliable solution especially in electrically noisy environments.

We are also incorporating many smart grid technologies into embedded devices to manage their power requirements and to provide high availability and reliability.

Embedded systems are also becoming more visible to their operators with the addition of low priced displays we have added a number of different size and capability screens to legacy industrial and automotive devices to extend their capabilities.

Increased reporting and management capabilities are also becoming a more common requirement as we see the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), devices with integrated web-servers and using web services to report their status to remote servers.

Power consumption for embedded devices is another cross domain perennial problem for battery powered devices, requiring careful consideration of power strategies and power saving modes.

We feel that roedan is ideally placed to use our transferable skill set to assist you in creating a successful product whatever your market.

Industry Experience


Recently we have been developing Digital dashboards for racing cars. Collecting data from in car sensors and CANBus data, we provide a non-reflective 7 inch display showing speed, revs, pressures and temperatures together with lap timings and other useful information on a dynamic cluster.

We have also worked on ECU and Tuning Software for an OEM manufacturer. Using the skills we acquired on other automotive telematics products allows us to understand the specific environmental problems associated with the automotive context.

Utilising our knowledge of Power systems and automotive domains, we have provided a substantial subsystem for a large multi-vehicle electric fast charging system. This charger will charge up to 3 CHAdeMO compatible electric vehicles in about 20 minutes. Roedan supplied the communication systems (CANBus, CHAdeMO, TCP/IP, EtherCAT etc.) and the power flow systems utilising auxiliary second life batteries for peak power and controlling and monitoring the Grid feed.

Power System Automation

We have many years of collective experience working with major players in the power system automation sector. During this time, we have helped create power system protection and control devices for Feeders, Motor, Generator and Distance applications.

We have also designed and implemented cutting edge distributed architectures, enabling the hard real time constraints to be preserved within a protection or control scheme.

We have created devices based on the IEC61850, DNP3.0, Modbus and Courier protocols.

Designing architectures for smart grid and other applications is challenging, coupling that with IEC61508 and Misra or JSF requires a very specialised set of skills and knowledge; we have those skills and would like to partner with your company to help you rise to the challenges of the new generation of power system automation devices.


Previous telematics projects we have completed have included vehicle and asset tracking and remote reporting. These systems used GSM for data backhaul and GPS for positioning information. More recently we have been working on modular IoT devices which separate high availability and reliable communications paths from the data capture and local processing. These systems have been designed to control and monitor environmental conditions and industrial plant.


We have extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, from implementing 2G handsets, 3G base stations, WiMAX base stations and LTE specifications. More recently, working on Ethernet based switches and MSANs. We incorporate our telecoms knowledge into many embedded systems that we design and implement, these techniques are useful in M2M systems but are also relevant to most systems for remote monitoring or control. Interoperability with backend systems and servers is becoming essential for embedded systems and with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is only going to get more common.