Service Overview

P1271175-mini-colour-correctionWhat can Roedan do for you?

Roedan can provide full lifecycle software development services of bespoke embedded systems including:

  • Capturing Stakeholder, System and Design Requirements for complete embedded systems (both Hardware and Software).
  • Producing Architectural and Implementation Designs using SysML and UML.
  • Developing test plans at unit and system level.
  • Implementation of embedded software systems to a production quality.
  • Full traceability, from requirements through to design, code and testing.
  • We will provide full documentation for all stages of a project and full visibility can be made available in various formats.
  • We can provide full lifecycle support or can aid with a particular phase of development to help progress your project.
  • We can provide Rapid Prototyping for technical demonstrations or proof of concepts.


  • Gain bandwidth and flexibility by onshoring some of your development workload.
  • Decrease the cost of development by leveraging our cutting edge skills and experience.
  • Peace of mind, your project will be specified and delivered to your expectations.
  • Flexibility, we can take part or the whole of a project giving you the resources when you need them.
  • Quality deliverables to eliminate rework after delivery.
  • No need to Recruit, getting the best developers is difficult.

Our Skill Set

Roedan has vast experience in various technologies needed to develop a successful embedded systems project this includes:

  • In depth knowledge of various programming languages such as C, C++, Java and PHP.
  • Working to industry standards such as MISRA C1 & C2, MISRA C++:2008 and JSF C++ Coding Standards.
  • Having vast knowledge and experience of developing software for major embedded operating systems such as Linux-RT, VxWorks, Nucleus and QNX as well as developing bare-metal applications.
  • Porting operating systems and develop BSPs for various hardware and software architectures.
  • Providing solutions based on a wide number of differing processor architectures from small 8-bit micros such as PIC or Atmel, through to multicore 32bit and 64bit processors.
  • Having working knowledge of the major processors currently in use in the embedded world such as Microchip PIC, Arm, X86, PowerPC and various DSP cores.

How to get going

Just send us an email or call us on 01785 879301 with any questions or requirements you have.
We like to understand our customers needs from the offset, so we endeavour to promptly organize a meeting to capture your requirements and scope of the project at a face to face.
From the initial meeting we will prepare a quotation detailing the work to be undertaken, deliverables and dates and cost breakdown. There will be no unexpected extra charges.
Once this is accepted the contracts are drawn up and we can start the work.
We take pride in operating an ethical business, we ensure that all our customers’ data and IP is protected.