Embedded system services Lifecycle

So that get an idea of how we at Roedan like to work, we thought it helpful to illustrate what a typical lifecycle for our Embedded Systems Services.

Of course, this is no cookie cutter. Roedan Embedded System services Lifecycle is always adapted to your needs. We do however believe through experience, what is outlined here creates a good healthy roadmap for quality, timely delivery and delivering your needs.

Requirements Capture

We understand the need to ensure that a project is fully scoped before any development work is undertaken. Ensuring that all stakeholders of a project fully understand the exact requirements means that there are no surprises and significantly reduces project risk.
Roedan can help you to capture stakeholder, system and design requirements and store these in a requirements capture tool. Capturing requirements in a tool allows subsequent design, implementation and testing artifact to be fully traced to the requirement that drives that functionality.
Providing traceability can help with the acquisition of safety and quality compliance in later stages of a project, for example IEC61508.

System Design Process

Once a sufficient number of requirements have been captured, one or more design options can be synthesised by the project analyst. We usually perform the system design in UML as this provides a widely understandable and flexible syntax.
The designs will then be subject to design review, both internally and then externally where the design can be described and elaborated upon if required.
Once a design has been approved our change control process is used to ensure that all changes are documented and managed effectively. We always try to ensure that any design is flexible where needed to enable any future enhancements. All design artifacts are traced to their driving requirements to help ensure design coherency and consistency.


Design and Implementation Methodologies

Even if a full requirements capture process is not required, we perform a basic requirements capture process before any work commences. This ensures that we fully understand your needs and we all understand the project deliverables.
The design team is experienced in many design methodologies we can fit in with your company processes or, if you do not have a preference we will select the best one for the project.