What we do!


Using Altium designer we are proficient in performing schematic capture and layout for a wide variety of embedded systems. We have a focus on design for longevity, power consumption and manufacturability.


Our team has expertise in all modern languages, operating systems, and hardware architectures. We have domain knowledge in Telecommunications, Automotive, Industrial Control and Power markets. We have experience with most embedded processors and their tool chains.

We follow best practices for software development including peer review and continuous integration.
All source code and documentation is held on our secure version control system, or we can integrate with your systems as required.


Roedan specialises in Embedded Systems, we have extensive industry experience coupled with the skills required to take a concept and create a production quality system.
Our team of engineers have full lifecycle experience, so they can understand the importance of each of the project stages and how they interact. This also enables us to be effective if we are tasked to just perform a part of the project.
Developing embedded systems requires a multi-disciplined approach, on a typical project we will design hardware, create embedded software, create software and hardware test harnesses, and develop some server software or PC applications. We need to utilise software skills ranging from very efficient assembly language to php and C#.