RoedIO an Opensource Input/Output controller board
RoedIO the Opensource I/O Board

We have been developing a unique vending machine after hours that requires a lot of high current I/O to be distributed and controlled by something with a bit of computing…

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Roedan Embedded Systems - Ethernet Ring Protection
Ethernet Ring Protection

Ethernet Rings Following on from my previous blog entry I will talk a little more about how we are able to create an Ethernet ring, and the options that we have to…

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Roedan Internet of Things
Internet of Things and Ethernet Rings

With the ‘Internet of Things’ being talked about around the internet everyone wants to have their devices connected to something, somehow.  We have been looking into a couple of projects…

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Just For Fun

At Roedan we like the Raspberry Pi, we use them around the office to perform various tasks and to test out new ideas quickly.  We are also starting to work…

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